Every dog has its day, or so they say. We have fond memories of these exceptional events but, unfortunately, they had to make way for younger breeds to take their spots.

The legendary Mix & Mingle was first held in Hull in the early 00s and was resurrected in Sheffield in 2008. It found a new home in the ninety2 family in 2010 and went from strength to strength before finishing after its 10th iteration in 2017.


Always held with a retro (predominantly 80s) theme, M&M was a hugely popular party tournament where fun was had on and off the pitch, but the competition was fiercely fought. Teams such as DiscMen, Dazed & Confused and Relentless have won M&M in the past and gone on to place very highly at UKU Mixed Indoor Nationals in the same year.


The tournament was famed for its retro party atmosphere and great costumes - click on the M&M logo to go through to the main page and see loads of photos from over the years!


The decision was made to end M&M after its 10th birthday in early 2017. Whilst there is a demand for high level mixed Ultimate, the retro party and fancy dress seems to have had its day. Without that aspect, it just wouldn't be M&M.


Never fear though, we will be keeping up the high end competition and party atmosphere with a new event, taking over M&Ms usual early February slot!

The Sheffield Hat was almost born by accident when a tournament idea we had didn't quite work and we decided to switch dates and formats and ended up with a 5v5 hat tournament! In the end, "ShefHat" ran successfully from 2010 to 2016.


The tournament peaked in 2015 with 16 teams playing across five pitches on a great little venue in Hillsborough, Sheffield.


To keep things different, we played 5v5 on BULA Beach Ultimate sized pitches and ran a number of fundraising activities alongside the main tournament to raise money for charity. This included the infamous MVP Show Game, played at the end of Saturday which included a fantasy ultimate game and cash prizes!


The tournament raised over £1000 for our chosen charities over the years. Click on the logo above to see the Hat pages for more information.


Other ad-hoc events hosted by ninety2:


CMIN2014 - UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals 2014

UWNMIR09 - University Women's Indoor Regionals 2009

UMIR North - University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2010

UKU Regionals (North) - the northern outdoor regional qualifier, 2010 and 2011

Super 7s Series - in conjunction with Lion44, 2011


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