Mix'n'Mingle 2025

Date 15-16 February 2025

Sport Central

Northumbria University

Northumberland Road

Newcastle upon Tyne



24-36 teams





We're back again, again!



Details to be confirmed.

Entry TBC

As ever, entry is split in to priority and standard. Priority entry is open 1-13 October and is open to teams in the following categories:

- Top 8 teams from 2019

- Any previous winners

- Any previous SOTG winners

- other invited teams

Payment must be received by 27 October to secure a priority place. If no payment is received by this date, your entry will be treated as standard.


Standard entry is open 14-27 October for all other teams. After this date, a ballot will take place to fill all remaining places. Payment will need to be received by 10 November to secure your place, at which point, unsecured places will be offered to teams on the waiting list.

The venue

Format & schedule TBC

Spirit of the Game TBC

As is traditional at Mix'n'Mingle, we simply ask each team to nominate their top 3 opponents for SOTG. Teams are then awarded either three, two or one point(s) depending on how you rank them. You must use the online form for nominating otherwise your votes will not count, and if you don't complete the form, you cannot win the prize! Please note, the form will allow you to nominate yourselves, but please don't. We will be able to identify this and you will certainly be out-of-the-running for the prize and will likely be named and shamed!


No accommodation is provided to teams so please consider this before entering. The tournament venue is close to the city centre and there is a wealth of hotel, b&b or AirBnB options available.