The Captains

Mike Cooke

Team: Quimples

1985; 6'3"

Started: 2009

Played for: Too Many Pies, Alumpie, The Brown, P*, Lazy Asses, Pandemic, 

Silverbacks, Trigger Happy, HoG, Hull night long, Low % Heroes

I like... Cheese

I dislike... Not having cheese

Top achievement: Captaining Brown to top 4 in UK Mixed with spirit


"P1 - "Watch out for Mike Cooke"
P2 - "why is he fast?"
P1 - "no."
P3 - "so he's a monster in the air then"
P1 - "no, he can't jump"
P2 - "so he's the main handler then?"
P1 - "No he doesn't really throw"
P3 - "so what are we watching for?"
P1 - "I don't know but when he does it you'll know"
My favourite overheard opposition team talk ever

Gemma East

Team: No brakes

1989; 5'7"

Started: 2007

Played for: Phat 'eds

Sheffield Steal, Skills or Bills, Brown, Some Team

I like... the sunshine, playing D and wine!

I dislike... pigeons, escalators and bits in my orange juice!

Top achievement: Accidentally coming 2nd at mixed indoor nationals!


"I love to play Frisbee and winning (in the sunshine particularly), run through D's, forcing hard, having fun, and smiling!"


Team: Traction Engine

1990; 5'10"

Started: 2008

Played for: Cambridge Ultimate, Strange Blue, Flying Saucers, KUPla, Homegrown, The Brown 

I like... Spreadsheets

I dislike... Facebook

Top achievement: I have 4 competitive completed greatests to my name


"I am a captain, I am already sold.......... "

Katie Ackerley

Team: Throw & Catch

1995; 162cm

Started: 2010

Played for: Calday Juniors, Blue Arse Flies, MXU, Black Magic, Relentless (ish), Pingu Jam, The Brown (that one time), GB Juniors
Not available: 19th May

I like... Eating, drinking and sarcasm

I dislike... Most people. Putting in more than the minimum amount of effort required.

Top achievement: U17 European Champion. It's gone a bit downhill from there.


"I'm pretty average at throwing a frisbee and pretty awful at everything else involved in the game.

Here are some references from various sources as to why I'd make a good team captain:

"She's the kind of girl who could go out with my brother and I wouldn't hate it" - Elly Simmons, childhood best friend.

"I like her, she can stay"- Olly Moore, general annoyance

"I'd probably trust Katie to not kill my pet when I'm away, like I'd be about 70% sure that it'd be ok"- Hannah Davies, childhood best friend.

"I once watched her look round a Thai Burger King for a bin to throw up in for 20 minutes, if that doesn't show perseverance and responsibility then I don't know what does"
"Didn't she throw up on the floor?"
"Yeah but it was really near a bin" - Molly Sheehan and Lauren Jones, housemates

"She's definitely controlling enough to be a captain" - Peter Harding, boyfriend

"Only 3 other people offered to do it" - Mike Cooke, the one with the knees

If that doesn't persuade you enough to join my don't get the choice, I do.

The Players

Si East

1983; 6'2"

Started: 2004

Played for: Leeds Jedi, Sheffield Steal, Bigger Than You, Don't Let Go, Razzle Dazzle, Skills or Bills, Lazy Asses, The Brown, GB Mixed Beach.

I like... Coffee

I dislike... Tea

Top achievement: Playing GB Mixed at World Beach 2007 in Brazil


"I play Frisbee. I run tournaments. You're all here because of me."


1988; 190cm

Started: 2007

Played for: Pies, The Brown 

Not available: 21st April

I like... Cutting

I dislike... bad players

Top achievement: reaching nationals for pies

"Apparently I'm angry, but I never notice. I'm versatile "

Olly Moore

1986; 6'1" (and shrinking)

Started: 2005

Played for: Pies, The Brown, P Star

I like... Absolutely nothing.

I dislike... Fitness, sprint sessions, the gym, sobriety, Katie Ackerley...

Top achievement: 3 pint challenge in 15s with Cooke circa 2007.

"Fat, slow, disappointingly lacking previous disc skills. Fully expecting to be benched."


1986; 186cm

Started: 2011

Played for: Pickup teams, and a college team in Durham.

Not available: Draft Night

I like... handling, friendly games, hammers

I dislike... excess competition, chicken wings


"I am an experienced amateur player who can handle the disc confidently. I would place myself in the intermediate category of ultimate players since I am not extremely quick. To make up for speed, I can read the game quite well."


1969; 160ish

Started: 1995

Played for: Superfly, red, emo, GB masters2000, brown.

I like... Winning

I dislike... Losing

Top achievement: 20 years and still able to play.


"I can be quite nice but it takes a lot of effort"

Ivan Mladjenovic

1995; 6ft

Started: 2013

Played for: Newcastle Pies

I like... Cutting

I dislike... Handling


"Friendly and always up for some fun. Big fan of T-Swift"

Eric Mussell Webber

1994; 170cm

Started: 2013

Played for: Too Many Pies, The Brown

I like... Playing against zone defence

I dislike... Push Pass Knifes

Top achievement: Uni mixed regionals Champions!!!


"Second year chemistry student, but frisbee gets priority over my degree."

Liz Bale

1991; 172cm

Started: 2011

Played for: Pies

Not available: Draft night, 12th May

I like... playing frisbee

I dislike... tomatoes


"Afraid I can only do a couple of weeks, but will give it my best on the weeks I'm there."

Max Vasey

1994; 5'10"

Started: 2013

Played for: Pies


Not available: 28th April

I like... Frisbee, puppies, anything I can pick up and throw really

I dislike... People who take themselves too seriously, rain, snow, cold,

Top achievement: Winning the plate with Birmingham 2s at club outdoor regionals #silverware ;)


"I like to think I'm funny and generally good to be around, I can try and play frisbee but I'd definitely be more of a man motivator of sorts. Picking me would definitely increase the banter level as much as making the team better at frisbee #pickmax"

Ed Gemmill

1993; 5'11"

Started: 2014

Played for: Newcastle university- only indoors competitively

Not available: 19th May

I like... lasagne, robot wars, keanu reeves

I dislike... parsnips, the NRA, drew barrymore

Top achievement: iron manned first tournament, didn't finish last


"Not good at answering open questions. Poor fitness but I try hard. Like to keep spirits up. Nursing an ankle injury."

Dave Partner

1993; 6"

Started: 2012

Played for: Newcastle University, The Brown

I like... Bacon wrapped in Bacon

I dislike... Overly Enthusiastic People.

Top achievement: Ummm. I once threw a score and it was good.


"3rd year law student. Size 11 feet. 6ft tall. Clean driving license. Can drink a bottle of Sambuka in 2 hours (sorta).

Oh yeah, and I've played a little bit of Ultimate too. Defence over offence but I'll do just about anything. Fairly athletic despite my love of unlimited breakfasts and I'm sarcastic. Heavily sarcastic.

Yan Birch

1990; 5'11"

Started: 2014

Played for: Ustinov Spin Doctors (Durham University College Team)

I like... O, D, Competition, all things Ultimate!

I dislike... Putting in a poor performance.


"Relatively new amateur who is keen to handle. Most likely to get loud during a match, just ask my teammates!"

Catherine Walker

1992; 5'7"

Started: 2011

Played for: Jesters, JR, RED, guest appearances with BearCav, St Albans, Lazy Asses...

Not available: 21st April

I like... Haribo, biscuits, cocktails

I dislike... Salad.

Top achievement: 2nd at Uni Mixed Nats


"Currently play frisbee in a very casual fashion. Pretty rusty."

Pete Short

1991; 6ft2 and a half.

Started: 2014

Played for: Once played for Team Newcastle in the Newcastle vs Cardiff interoffice league. Also played at a casual Saints tournament once. Would have been twice if I hadn't given myself food poisoning (both ends).

I like... Ale, camping, frisbee, the Lake District, ginger cordial, photography, houmous, Lord of the Rings, caves and forests

I dislike... Pollution

Top achievement: Scored a point once.


"Can throw and catch, but don't know anything about frisbee except what I have gleaned from American jocks on YouTube videos."

Harry Glasspool

1991; 6'2" 

Started: 2009

Played for: Flatball 


Carlisle, Glasgow Ultimate, The Brown, Smog, Durham Castle, Black Eagles

I like... Running deep, throwing deep

I dislike... Rain, cold weather, the sun

Top achievement: Getting fouled by Justin Norden at Worlds 2014


"I am dyslexic, and therefore should be allowed 25% extra time when reading discs."

George Hixon

1991; 6'4" 

Started: 2014

Played for: Terminators

I like... computers

I dislike... immaturity



Kris Kerswell

1992; 188cm

Started: 2011

Played for: Warwick Bears, Newcastle Too Many Pies, East Midlands Open 

I like... Turning over

I dislike... Scoring goals

Top achievement: WUCC 2014. Mentioned by Ultiworld!


"If previous statistics are anything to go off then I will probably have the biggest negative impact.

I love a good no look scoober now and again and some say that my pulls are 'not too bad' (when they stay in bounds!)

Charlie Huins

1994; 5'10"

Started: 2013

Played for: Newcastle pies, Brown

Not available: 19th May

I like... Walking

I dislike... Exams


"Currently a second year pharmacologist who has been playing frisbee for two years now. I am from Somerset but am in Newcastle for uni, i used to play rugby at school but started playing frisbee at uni and have never looked back! "

George Perry

1995; 174cm

Started: 2014

Played for: Too Many Pies

Not available: 19th May, 26th May

I like... Running and throwing massive forehands

I dislike... marking someone really tall

Top achievement: making too many pies first team in my first year of playing


"I'm quick and will run a lot for the team and I love a good d"

Sophie Soo(bramanien)

1995; 5'6"

Started: 2014

Played for: Newcastle University 3rd team

Not available: 21st April, 12th May, 19th May, 26th May

I like... frantic dancing, high fives and banana flavoured Yazoo.

I dislike... intimidation tactics, people who don't lick the lid of their yogurts and crocs.

Top achievement: I have baked three pies for a Frisbee social.


"I'm fun-lovin', energetic and really enjoy the game. What I lack in skills I make up for in competitive zeal."


1996; 182cm

Started: 2014

Played for: Pies

Not available: 19th May, 26th May

I like... to move it move it.

I dislike... handling

Top achievement: Managing to D with every part of my body


"I know a couple of good "pump up" songs from playing rugby but meh up for a laugh and will never take things too seriously."

Charlotte Platten

1995; 5'3"

Started: 2014

Played for: Newcastle Ultimate

I like... Playing frisbee and making music. Toasties are also pretty awesome.

I dislike... Chinese food and dropping the disc.


"Found some serious love for frisbee since heading to uni. "

Razzle Dazzle

1980; 5'11"

Started: 2001-2005 early retirement due to gout

Played for: Is this about my sexuality. I've only ever batted for my team thank you very much. 

Blaze, Brown, Silverbacks

I like... Sandwiches

I dislike... Not having a sandwich

Top achievement: I once skyd a girl, and I liked it


"I'm lethal over a 1m sprint after that I give up. Also I can spin a frisbee on one finger."

Beth Crisp

1994; 5'9"

Started: 2014

Played for: Too Many Pies

I like... Alcohol, Benedict Cumberbatch, Words, Sunshine, Quorn, Reading, Pizza, The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn, Pepsi Max, Football and Gin, lots of Gin.

I dislike... Hangovers, Sophie Hunter, Numbers, Rain, Meat, Stairs, Vodka Shots, can't be dealing with Vodka shots..

Top achievement: That one time I made it to Thursday 7am training ...


"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have frisbee thrust upon them.'
Still relatively new to the whole playing frisbee thing but been to a few tournaments now and looking forward to continuing my magical frisbee journey and learning the ways of the disc ... 

Jake Hawkyard

1996; 6ft

Started: 2014

Played for: Pies

Not available: 26th May

I like... Photobombing, good grabs, jamming.

I dislike... When my hands get so cold that I can't grab a disc.

Top achievement: Being picked for the men's outdoor 1st team in my first year of playing ultimate


"First year of uni and frisbee. Love it so much that I went to Thursday Morning training sessions at 7am regularly, although I was always late. My love of sleep and not so great time-keeping made 7am difficult. "

Will Mulvaney

1994; 5'10"

Started: 2013

Played for: Newcastle Pies

Not available: 12th May, 19th May

I like... Frisbee, cycling and sambuca

I dislike... Quiche, running and tequila

Top achievement: Not being injured for a whole tournament


"Committed to work hard but yet to lay out, usually injured but things are looking up, if anything i'll bring some morale to the team with sarcastic comments."

Brad Metcalfe

1996; 6 footish

Started: 2014

Played for: Newcastle Pies

I like... big butts and I cannot lie. Skying Maz

I dislike... Poverty, war, world hunger and people who talk loud down the phone on the bus.

Top achievement: That time I caught that disc


"Sorry to the captain who has to pick me at the end."


2015(?); 184cm

Started: 2008

Played for: Pies


Not available: 5th May

I like... Pop pass play and running

I dislike... Bickering about tactics

Top achievement: A tour handling (in the days when A tour wasn't such a big deal) and captaining pies


"Happy to handle or cut."

Lucy Hyde

1993; 5'5"

Started: 2011

Played for: Pies, The Brown, Relentless

GB U23 Women

I like... Food, frisbee, good hugs, David Beckham, winning.

I dislike... Vegetables, Mondays, mean people, losing

Top achievement: Getting on the GB U23 team and getting MVP for both tours I played with Relentless last Summer!

"I can run forever so hopefully fitness won't be a problem. I'm a pretty consistent thrower and I learnt to clap catch so that covers the frisbee skills. Plus I'm great to laugh at which is always a handy addition to a team."

Alex 'Mazzon' Mazzon

1992; 6"awesome

Started: 2011

Played for: Brown, Smog, Ka-Pow, Thundering Herd, Powerade Super Scrote, Relentless, Team Radio Shower, Habberdash and Daggerbombs, Too Many Pies, GB, Michael Pierce and Friends, Low Percentage Heroes, Lazy Asses, Team 6

I like... Winning, Jumping, Gyming, Taylor Swift, Winning

I dislike... Losing, Slackers

Top achievement: Getting called Alex by Justin Foord


"Always be awesome. Unless you can be Taylor Swift. In which case, be Taylor Swift."


1984; 6'3"

Started: 2000

Played for: Stillwater Ultimate, McPherson College Mudhuckers, Too Many Pies, The Brown, P*, Lazy Asses

I like... big butts and I cannot lie.

I dislike... Pretty much everyone and everything

Top achievement: I have gone to A&E more for Ultimate injuries than any other sport I've played.


"Opening bid is £3 and a hostess Twinkie."

Tim Grunewald

1990; 5'10"

Started: 2014

Played for: Ultimaas (NL), Too many Pies

Not available: 19th and 26th May

I like... Schmetterlinge

I dislike... Kugelschreiber

Top achievement: 13th UK Mixed Uni Nationals, 6th NL Mixed Uni Nationals


"well, i represent the german virtues, i will neither be late anytime nor will i ever give up (a disc).
The UK made "Made in Germany" a symbol for quality, so why should you not stick to that?
Still have to get used to the windy conditions on the island but I like to go deep and chase the disc so that will be no big deal

Andrew Macgill

1995; 6ft

Started: 2013

Played for: Newcastle university

I like... Most team sports. Laying out!

I dislike... People who take sports far too seriously.


"Somewhat of a novice to ultimate, I prefer receiving the disc as close to the endzone as possible. (I.e. Not much of a handler then). My confidence is growing when on the disc but is still of very little merit. I love laying out but cannot always decide when this is suitable."

Tess Hudson

1994; 5'3"

Started: 2013

Played for: Pies

Not available: I've ticked available for all but am not really sure this far in advance hopefully I will be sorry!*I like... In terms of frisbee : handling and also cutting I enjoy playing in a zone .

I dislike... Not much really

"I enjoy playing frisbee I take on instruction well and am always keen to improve. I would like to think I am a team player who is enthusiastic and tries her best."


1989; Tall-ish

Started: My first year

Played for: Too Many Pies, The Brown, Alumpie

I like... Teeth, Cake, A comfy chair, keeping well hydrated, my toothbrush, Canines (tooth kind and dogs), listing things that I like, red glasses, giving injections, setting my alarm early so I can press snooze, running, beer, coffee, milk, breasts (chicken and female), legs (chicken and females), wings (chicken), George Foremans lean mean grilling machine, Puns, Draft leagues, grilled sandwiches and burgers.

I dislike... Desks, some styles of carpet (the short abrasive kind mainly), my knees sometimes, Periodontal disease, Apple, ironing, folding clothes, packing luggage, being tired, being untidy, gardening, taking out the trash, dirty dishes.

Top achievement: This registration form


"25 Year Old Male - slim, athletic, handsome
Seeks captain to select him for ultimate draft league.
Chilled out guy, but will put in a lot of effort
Massive D
*winky emoji*

Katrin Schmitz

1988; 172cm

Started: 2014

Played for: Too Many Pies

Not available: Draft Night

I like... Pies

I dislike... English sausage


"I haven´t played ultimate for a long time and am still a beginner, but as people say, "Germans like rules and follow them" just tell me what to do and I will do my best to follow your lead ;)"

Stefan Kemp

1988; 5'11"

Started: 2007

Played for: Grey College, Ustinov College

I like... Cutting, layouts and monster D

I dislike... Handling, though have improved recently when forced to!

Top achievement: Winning the Durham college premiership and division 2 within two hours playing for different teams.


"I've been playing ultimate on and off since 2007 mostly in the Durham college league, but I have found myself wanting to improve and make a step up recently. I founded the Ustinov College team this year and captained them to the division 2 title in our first term together. I've learned to love playing aggressive D and quick, flowing O."

Emma Morrison

1990; 5'4"

Started: 2014

Played for: Team Newcastle in the Newcastle vs Cardiff interoffice league. Also played at a casual Saints tournament this one time.

I like... Chocolate, baking, eating. But also exercise. Sometimes.

I dislike... Coffee.

Top achievement: Won two games.


"Young blonde female looking for frisbee, fun, friendship, and maybe more."

Annie Glasspool

1990; 5'6"

Started: 2009

Played for: Flatball,

Glasgow Ultimate

Swift, DH1, SMOG

I like... Handling, Gingers

I dislike... Museli, messy o

Top achievement: Second at CWIN with DH1


"I'll be working on getting fit for tour, so should be putting in lots of effort!"

Miriam (Mim)

1988; 175cm

Started: 2008

Played for: Pies Uni Women and Mixed

Brown Women, Relentless Women

Not available: Draft Night, 21st April, 28th April, 19th May, 26th May

I like... Epic D

I dislike... un-necessary team politics

Top achievement: MVP for relentless at Tour 2 last summer


"I don't play that much so I am not the smartest player but I make up for that with a pretty good baseline fitness. In matches I always try end give the game 100% of my focus, which I think I am pretty good at doing. I really love playing D and as a result I think that, compared to other women, I am pretty good at it too."

Ben Hands

1992; 152cm

Started: 2013

Played for: Lancaster uni- the fish 

Not available: Draft Night, 26th May

I like... Chicken wings and layout d stings

I dislike... Getting broken and feelings left unspoken

Top achievement: Come back game playing wing in a zone that beat Liverpool uni firsts 11 - 10 when we were capped at 10-4


"I've been brief thus far so I'll go with that
I work hard on the pitch for the points but I'm all about the friendliness of ultimate
I'm a skateboarding artist, who works as a lifeguard and a barman - not that you'd need to know that
I've played a year as a cutter and a year as a handler...


1995; 6ft

Started: 2014

Played for: Too Many Pies 

Not available: 21st April, 5th May, 26th May

I like... Quiz shows, books with dragons in and other people's misfortune

I dislike... Not much really, apart from tuna...

Top achievement: Scoring an up-wind point in a team made up entirely of freshers


"What I lack in experience (a lot) I more than make up for in determination and am happy to whatever role is needed (yes, I am talking about frisbee...)

I'm easy to get along with and am always up for a laugh


1994; 5'10"

Started: 2014

Played for: Too Many Pies

Not available: Draft Night, 28th April, 12th May, 26th May

I like... Food, hitting things with sticks, catching flying pieces of plastic...

I dislike... Moths, clowns, not catching said pieces of plastic...


"Friendly, positive person, Been on/off with playing frisbee but ill try my best. Always keen to find a reason for laying out :)"

Rachael (fish)

1989; 5'5"

Started: 2004

Played for: 

Blaze, Brown, 

Relentless, Pstar, 


Lazy Asses, Swift

I like... Do I just say anything here?? I'll go with...cheese on toast!!!

I dislike... Sorry if this is supposed to be frisbee related!! animal poachers

Top achievement: hmmmm not sure. Making top 8 in uk with relentless last year maybe. Oh and skying a guy!


"Well you can see I've been playing for a long time!! I've found my strength in the handler position and have a big right hand huck, which is great for people who like to go and chase discs. I'll bid for discs and love doing a bit of zone. I'm normally reliable - but I'll make no guarantees :) That's about it from me!"

Nathan Rudge

1995; 6ft

Started: 2013

Played for: Too Many Pies

I like... Cutting

I dislike... Losing


"Looking to improve my skills."

Isaac Smith

1988; 5'9"

Started: 2006

Played for: Dundee University, 

Abstract, High Altitude, Fusion, The View, NEO

Not available: Draft Night 

I like... Layout Ds

I dislike... Nuts

Top achievement: Playing worlds in 2010


"I'm a versatile player happy on O or D looking to have some fun, get some blocks and put some points on the board."


1980; 5'8"

Started: 1997

Played for: Bristol University, 

McFly, Fluid Druids, Bristol Plastic Factory, Liverpool University

Not available: Draft Night, 21st April, 19th May

I like... Eating

I dislike... Not being aloud to eat

Top achievement: Played at WUCC 2002


"Old, unfit, quite handy on offence, liability on defence. Pick me at your peril"


1995; Very small

Started: 2013

Played for: Relentless

Pies, The Brown (just once, but will be twice soon!)

Not available: 21st April, 19th May

I like... a lot of things- mainly food, frisbee, hugs and kisses (not from randomers, just from special people!), flowers (red roses and orchids are my fave just in case someone feels like giving me some :P ), baking and I love watching sunsets/sunrises the most.

I dislike... a lot of things- cat noises, cat fur, I just hate cats really (I like dogs though), people who leave their animals crap on the park/ beach (just disgusting!), the fact that frisbee takes over my life sometimes, mean and horrible people and other things.

Top achievement: Not much becuase I'm just a newbie. But it's defo gonna be winning mixed regionals. Oh and properly laying out for the first time ever at mixed nats; I was so proud of my self I almost didn't wash my mud-stained top.


"Even though I'm small I can run fast if I want to (not for very long though); If you're lucky I might show you some ninja skills ;). Some say I have "sticky hands" because I can grab shitty throws (towards the ground), but I think it's all down to luck and because I'm small so I can reach the ground far quicker than a average 'tall' person. I haven't quite figured out how to naturally clap-catch yet, but I will master it someday I'm sure. I can throw- I think. I know how to throw a chicken wing- well kinda, pretty much useless at hammers, but a decent forehand and backhand. Oh and I can bake. So pick meeeee!"

Helen Brooks

1991; 5'5"

Started: 2010

Played for: Strange blue, Cambridge, Punt, Durham

Not available: 26th May

I like... Gonzo and blue cheese. Better, when Gonzo gives me blue cheese.

I dislike... FILLING IN FORMS. .

Top achievement: layout score in semi final at womens uni nationals 2014


"Versatile cutter."

Jonny Halcrow

1994; 6ft

Started: 2014

Played for: Newcastle Pie's

I like... Getting the D and Spaghetti Bolognese (I'm easy)

I dislike... Missing the D

Top achievement: Laying out and actually catching the disc!!


"Love playing Frisbee, can play in pretty much every position and up for a laugh. Pick me! (please :))"

Adam Wheeler

1994; 6'4"

Started: 2014

Played for: I have played for Newcastle University Ultimate Frisbee teams in mixed indoor tournaments

Not available: Draft Night

I like... To win and grow from experience

I dislike... When a team stops fighting and playing for one another


"My biggest advantage is my height. I have practiced and played in roles in tournaments which suit this, and so know ways to utilise this. I have played in man marking systems and zonal marking systems on both offense and defence. I have decent throwing skills and have experience from regional tournaments. I also strongly believe in sticking together as a team and all playing for one another"