Super 7s - Sheffield


  Saturday 5th March


Mount St Mary's College



S21 3YH

Cost       £100
Capacity       12 teams

The makers of Iron 5 are bringing you a new tournament experience in 2011 - the Super 7s Series!!


Lion44, in association with Cutty Sharks and ninety2 ultimate events, will be hosting three 7-a-side ironman tournaments in different locations on the weekend of 5th & 6th March 2011, with the hope that the top finishers will go on to compete at a National finals later in the year (TBC).


If you have never player 7s before, the squad rules are simple. Each team may have a squad of eight players, but only seven may play in each game.


The tournaments are not defined by region, so teams are free to enter whichever they choose.


These events will be UKU sanctioned so you can be confident of attending a quality Ultimate tournament. This does mean, however, that all players must be at least basic members of UKU to be eligible to play.


To enter, please contact the relevant event organiser on the details below, providing your name, team name, mobile number and email contact.

Email to enter

Please provide your name, team name, mobile number and email contact.

Mount St Mary's College has the capacity for up to 12 pitches and has been used for the last two years to host the BUCS National Championships (divisions 1 and 2), and UKU Regionals in 2010.  The venue has also played host to National Rugby League training camps, local and National rugby and cricket, National Youth Athletics and BUCS Lacrosse.



Directions to Mount St Mary's

POST CODE FOR SATNAV = S21 3YH (leads to car park)

Route Map from M1
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SITE MAP (Google)

Format for the Sheffield event

There are only 8 teams entered to this tournament so the teams will be in two pools of 4.  The top 2 from each pool will go to the 'trophy' semis/finals, with the bottom two going into the 'plate' semis/finals.  Each team should, therefore, play five matches in the day.



45 minutes (starting on the hour), game to 15 points

Half at 8 points

1 timeout per team per half


When time goes (on the hooter), finish the point you are playing - if you are between points you play the next one.  If it is tied after that, play a sudden death point, otherwise the game ends.  There will be no draws.


Super 7s is to be played under full WFDF Rules of Ultimate.



Each team will nominate another for spirit, with the team receiving the most votes getting the prize.


We will also be collecting spirit scores via the WFDF scoring system, so they can be collated and published after the event.


Spirit form

WFDF guidance

The Super 7s Series of tournaments have been sanctioned by UK Ultimate.  This means there are minimum standards that you should be able to expect from the event, but it also means that all participants should be at least Basic members of UKU.  You can check and pay for your membership on the UKU website.


1.  Buck's Fizz  (15.5)

2.  York 1  (12.25)

3.  BASS  (13.2)

4.  Plastic Explosive  (9.4)

5.  York 2  (13.75)

6.  Hulltimate  (13)

7.  Bradford  (14.5)

8.  Welbeck College  (15.25)


The WFDF spirit scores are in brackets - congratulations to Buck's Fizz for getting the highest spirit score as well as winning the tournament!


The nominated spirit prize was won by Bradford, with three votes, though Welbeck College also received three votes but had to leave the venue before this was known.