University Women's North & Midlands Indoor Regionals 2009

Date       7th & 8th November 2009

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre

Sheaf Street


S1 2BP

Cost       £120 (1st teams) / £80 (additional teams)
Capacity       24 teams

Downloads and Links

UKU Indoor Rules 2009-10.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 148.2 KB
Microsoft Excel Table 46.0 KB
Adobe Acrobat Document 48.2 KB


It is recommended that team captains view the two pages on the UKUA website regarding eligibility for student tournaments.


Eligibility in University Ultimate

Uni eligibility FAQ


However if you are a female full-time student and your University does not have a team, you may play with the team with which you have the closest links (ie you train regularly with them).  If, as a team, you do not have enough players to attend, you are allowed to join with another team as long as they are in the same situation and it is not to the detriment of any players on either team (you cannot cut weaker players from your team to pick up stronger players from somewhere else).


If there is adequate demand from individuals, a pickup team can be entered into this event at the TDs discretion. 


Entry requests should be completed by team captains or organisers; or by any individual without a team of their own.