Still Game? Indoor Masters Ultimate

Date 6 April 2019

WildCats Arena

Greenwood Road




12-16 teams





We're offering a one-day masters tournament at Nottingham's famed WildCats Arena. We have two potential schedules and think we can squeeze up to 16 teams, but we have no scope for extending in to a second day - maybe next year if this year is a success!


This is a masters age event, therefore males must be 33+ and females 30+. We are looking to be as inclusive as possible so if you will hit that age prior to the end of the season, you are welcome. It is also likely to be an 'open' event, though with the caveat that teams match gender where possible. We will make a decision depending on the team entries but at this stage we want to leave it open to as many teams as possible.

If you don't have enough players for a team, but would still like to enter as an individual or part-team, please email us and we will endeavour to put players together.