Something for the Weekend

When? 3rd and 4th February 2018

English Institute of Sport Sheffield

Colleridge Road


S9 5DA 

Who? 24 mixed and 16 open teams
How much? £130

Replacing Mix & Mingle is always going to be a tough ask but we're aiming to do that and more by offering you 'Something for the weekend'! The aim is to couple our standard 24 team mixed division with a 12-16 team open division, making this one of the biggest indoor tournaments around. Saturday will see half of the teams competing in the morning session and half in the afternoon, with all teams squeezing in on the Sunday for the final rounds. If you've ever been to Mix & Mingle (or even the Sheffield Hat) you'll have an idea of what to expect - great fun, great atmosphere, great tunes, but very competitive high level Ultimate. SFTW also falls at a perfect time to be used as a warm up for both Mixed Nationals and/or Open Nationals.

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The venue

The English Institute of Sport in Sheffield (EISS) is one of the country's largest and most impressive indoor multi-sport training centres. It is the training venue of choice for a number of sports and has previously hosted the likes of the AAA Championships, World Volleyball Championships, English Table Tennis Championships, and Netball European Championships.


We have exclusive access to the three pitches in the main netball hall and the surrounding balcony. Please see the tournament rules section for further information.


If you need somewhere to unwind before, after or between matches, Valley Centertainment is just a 10-15 minute walk from EISS. Here you'll find a cinema, bowling, adventure golf and all the usual eateries (marked as Cineworld Cinema on the map). There's also Ice Sheffield just across the road from EISS if you fancy a bit of ice skating action! Meadowhall Shopping Centre is also just a short drive, or a couple of stops on the tram, away.


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There's a car park at EISS but with the athletics event that is also on, they will quite possibly be charging to park there (although they said that last time we used it and most people weren't charged). There's also use of the overflow car park at Ice Sheffield and apparently on street parking over the bridge is also free (these are all marked in blue on the map below).


Of course if you are staying in Sheffield, it's nice and easy to get the tram out to the venue. You need the Arena/Olympic Legacy Park stop (marked in red). You want the yellow route towards Meadowhall (download a timetable here).


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Confirmed teams


Rebel Exiles


Danger! High Voltage

Some Team

Flyght Club

Omega 3

Almost Alumni (AA)

AC Pentago

Naughty Strawberries



Carp Diem

Bradford Falcons

Phat 'eds




Pie Hard

Team Rehab



Leamington Lemmings 1

Red Leicester

Adventure Team

Jump Leeds


Geometrically Frustrated Magnets

Leamington Lemmings 2



Gotta Catch 'Em All


Kent Touch This


Flyght Club

Sheffield Steal

Ultimate Wobble Power


Red Leicester


YSJ Tossers

Phat 'eds


The open division is a simple eight team round robin. After the round robin stage, there will be a straight quarter-final, semi-final and final.


The mixed division starts with eight pools of four teams. This is followed by a second pool stage, also of eight pools of four teams. One result from round one will carry forward to round two for each team. The pools are designed to ensure the correct teams in the middle part of the draw end up in either the top or bottom half of the draw for Sunday. On Sunday, the schedule splits into Mixed Division 1 and Mixed Division 2, with a straight round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final and final for each team.


You may notice that the quarter-final stage in the mixed division is not 1v8, 2v7 etc but 1v7, 2v8 etc. This is to ensure that rematches don't occur before the semi-final or final stage (we think!).


We have a load of prizes on offer this year, with half of all final matches playing for 'silverware' (though none of it is silver!).


We will not be printing schedules for teams, though there will be some on the walls of the venue to help you out. Use the links on the right to download your own version. There is also a Google version if you'd prefer to use that, which we will try and update over the weekend.

Colour schedule
SFTW18 schedule v2 colour.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 129.4 KB
B&W schedule
SFTW18 schedule v2 b&w.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 126.2 KB

Google version

Tournament rules

There are a few house rules to follow please:

On the field

- Mixed teams should be able to field either a 3 female/2 male or 2 female/3 male line at all times. The receiving/offensive team chooses how to line up and the pulling/defensive team must match. 

- All games are 17 minutes long and start and end with a hooter.

- There is a 1 minute gap between all games so leave the pitch quickly in order for the next games to start.

- At the end of all games, the match ends when the hooter starts. If the disc is in the air at this time, and is subsequently caught in the end zone, the goal will count. 

- Ties are allowed in all of the pool rounds.

- In the knockout rounds, if the scores are tied when the hooter sounds (taking in to account any discs-in-flight being caught), the match should continue until the next team scores a winning point.

- At the end of each match please write your score on the main schedule at HQ (we'll try and get these but we don't always have eyes everywhere so may miss something - just nominate a player to ensure we have all the correct scores).

- Please submit Spirit of the Game (SOTG) scores at the end of your play on Saturday, and then after each match on Sunday (you have far more time between matches on Sunday so no excuses!). We are using the standard WFDF scoring system and SOTG prizes are sponsored by Force Ultimate.




Off the field

- No throwing of discs outside of the sports hall area.

- Where possible please watch matches from the balcony or behind the netting. If you are on the sideline, please be very aware that you may be interfering with play, including making the game more dangerous for the players.

- The Badminton Hall is out of bounds to us.

- We have a small room opposite the changing rooms which can be used for bag storage. 

- The room at HQ can be used by all teams but the priority goes to those with babies and small children so just be respectful.

- Respect all other centre users and staff. Don't forget that SOTG applies to all aspects of a tournament, not just the playing.

- Fire exits are only to be opened in an emergency (they will set off alarms in the security office) and should be left clear of bags and belongings.


Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer accommodation for this event.  There are, however, are a number of hotels close to EISS or in the middle of town, or get in touch with your Sheffield friends for a free or cheaper alternative! If you get really stuck we may be able to help out but this is not at all guaranteed so please consider your accommodation before entering the event.


Here is a list of the recommended cheap hotel options and approximate distances from the tournament venue. 


Close to the tournament (0.2 miles)

Hotel Ibis Budget Sheffield Arena

Premier Inn Sheffield Arena Hotel


Close to city centre (2 miles)

Holiday Inn Sheffield

Holiday Inn Express Sheffield City Centre

Travelodge Sheffield Central

Hotel Ibis Sheffield City

Premier Inn Sheffield City Centre


Other (1.7 miles)

Travelodge Sheffield Meadowhall


Leadmill Road, Sheffield, S1 4SE
Leadmill Road, Sheffield, S1 4SE

For the Saturday night we have arranged queue jump and discounted entry to one of Sheffield's top night spots - The Leadmill!


All teams will be given a stack of wristbands - you'll need to arrive before midnight and show these to skip the queue and get in for just £3 (normally £5). If you're before 11.30pm you get in for just £2!


Then treat yourself to the best of the two rooms - Indie & Rock or Motown & Soul.


You can see The Leadmill marked on the map below, and we have also highlighted a number of options for pre-drinks and food, depending on where you are staying and where you end up eating:


1 Rutland Arms

2 The Roebuck

3 The Graduate

4 Head of Steam

5 The Bessemer; All Bar One; Leopold Square (various food options)

6 Peace Gardens (various food options)

7 Yates; Lloyds; Wetherspoons

8 Bungalows and Bears

9 The Forum; The Common Room

10 The Devonshire Cat; The Washington

11 West One (various food options)

12 The Red Deer


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