Something for the Weekend 2022

Date 5-6 November 2022

Sport Central

Northumbria University

Northumberland Road

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE1 8ST 

Capacity 24 Open / 12 Women's
Cost £135
Social #sftwfrisbee

After a couple of years off, for obvious reasons, SFTW returns and we are going to run two divisions. We've got space for 24 Open teams and 12 Women's teams, making this one of the biggest indoor tournaments around. Saturday will see half of the teams competing in the morning session and half in the afternoon, with all teams squeezing in on the Sunday for the final rounds. You can expect great fun, great atmosphere, great tunes, and very competitive high level Ultimate. SFTW also falls at a perfect time to be used as a warm up for both University and/or Club qualifiers.

The venue

Sport Central at Northumbria University is a fabulous large venue with three pitches housed in the main arena/hall, with plenty of balcony seating for chilling out and watching other games. It has long been the home of the annual Ultimate Resolution New Year tournament, and has become a regular venue for University Regional and National events. The exceptional facilities have also been the home to the Newcastle Eagles basketball team for many years (prior to their recent relocation).


Close to the city centre for food, hotels and transport links, we think you'll agree this is a great place to play Ultimate!


There are a number of car parks close to Sport Central. Please see the map below, and also the University campus map (link below map). You may be best trying St George's on Sandyford Road (PayByPhone 3674), Sandyford Square or College St. You can also use the Northumbria University car parks close to Sport Central and Sandyford Road.


If possible, avoid the NCP John Dobson Street as it'll cost you up to £17. If you are parked to the east of the central motorway, there is a footpath under the motorway on Sandyford Rd, and a footbridge if you are south of Sport Central.


UK Ultimate sanctioning

We have had confirmed that this will be a UK Ultimate sanctioned event. This means that all players must have at least Basic UKU membership and a random selection of teams will be asked to provide rosters. Teams do not need to be registered, but the membership of individual players will be spot checked by UK Ultimate.


Sanctioning allows us, as organisers, and you, as participants, to be be covered by UKU liability insurance. Sanctioned events have to meet a required standard so you know that we have suitable first aid cover and that a range of risks and health and safety issues have been considered.


For further information on membership, visit UK Ultimate.

Confirmed teams




GB Mixed


North Ultimate


Svib 'dgy

Disck Ed's

Chicken and Chips

York City Ultimate


Deep Heat


Newcastle Pies

The Rejects



Crohnically Unfit



GB Open

Durham 2


Newcastle Pies 2

Arctic Stags



The Newcastle Brown


North Ultimate*

GM Women


York City Ultimate


Newcastle Pies

Dollar Dollar Gills

Leeds University*

Durham 2



There have been a few versions knocking around but you can download the final version of Saturday's schedule here. 

SFTW schedule 22 - saturday v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 52.8 KB

Your best bet is using the live online version of the schedule though. There is a link at the top of the page, and also here.

Tournament rules

There are a few house rules to follow please:

On the field

- All games are 17 minutes long and start and end with a hooter.

- There is a 1 minute gap between all games so leave the pitch quickly in order for the next games to start.

- At the end of all games, the match ends when the hooter sounds. If the disc is in the air at this time, the pass should be completed. If this results in a catch in the end zone, the goal will count. 

- Ties are allowed in all of the pool rounds.

- In the knockout rounds, if the scores are tied when the hooter sounds (taking in to account any discs-in-flight being caught), the match should continue until the next team scores a winning point.

- At the end of each match please write your score on the main schedule at HQ (we'll try and get these but we don't always have eyes everywhere so may miss something - just nominate a player to ensure we have all the correct scores).

- Please submit Spirit of the Game (SOTG) as promptly as you can after matches. We appreciate that time is tight in the schedule but it shouldn't take you long! We are using the standard WFDF scoring system and SOTG prizes are sponsored by Force Ultimate.




Off the field

- No throwing of discs outside of the sports hall area.

- Spectators should watch matches from the balcony. If you are on the sideline, please be very aware that you may be interfering with play, including making the game more dangerous for the players.

- Respect all other centre users and staff. Don't forget that SOTG applies to all aspects of a tournament, not just the playing.

- Fire exits are only to be opened in an emergency and should be left clear of bags and belongings.

- Please keep all calls short and calm, and don't block any of the corridors or exits. 

First Aid and Emergencies

We have employed first aiders for the event who will be located in the sports hall area. They are there to respond to any incidents which occur during competition. If any spectators have any first aid requirements, this should be sought from the sports centre staff.


If necessary, the nearest A&E is the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Queen Victoria Road, NE1 4LP. This is a five minute drive from Sport Central, or a 15-20 minute walk.


If there are any emergency alarms at the venue over the weekend, please follow the instructions of sports centre staff and vacate the building as required.


The venue have no specific Covid restrictions in place, but please use your common sense when in small or communal spaces and respect other centre users. 


Before attending the event, all participants and spectators should self-assess for symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). Note that Government guidance was reviewed over the summer and there is now an extensive list of symptoms.


If anyone has one or more of these symptoms, they should not attend the event, and should follow NHS guidance on testing and self-isolation, even if the symptoms are mild.  


If you are feeling unwell, we strongly suggest you take a lateral flow test in the 48 hours prior to the event.  In the instance that you test positive, you should not attend the event, and should follow NHS guidance on testing and self-isolation.


At the event

Please ensure you wash and sanitise your hands regularly throughout the day. Teams will all be provided with a game disc, and there will be wipes available to enable these to be cleaned regularly. 


If an individual presents with symptoms at the event, or tests positive after the event has begun, they must:

  • immediately inform their Captain and/or COVID Officer and the Event TD
  • leave the event; or not attend if off-site at the time
  • follow NHS guidance on testing and self-isolation

Spirit of the Game

Spirit of the Game is one of the core elements in flying disc sports. It is similar to fair play and sportsmanship, but there is a much higher emphasis put on it in Ultimate. It is summarised in this preamble to the rules of play:


All players are responsible for administering and adhering to the rules. Ultimate relies upon a Spirit of the Game that places the responsibility for fair play on every player. It is trusted that no player will intentionally break the rules; thus there are no harsh penalties for breaches, but rather a method for resuming play in a manner which simulates what would most likely have occurred had there been no breach. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but should never sacrifice the mutual respect between players, adherence to the agreed-upon rules of the game, or the basic joy of play.”


Actions such as intentional fouling, cheating, dangerous plays, disrespectful conversations, and other ‘win at all costs’ behaviour are contrary to the Spirit of the Game. Often a player is in a position where it is to his/her advantage to foul or commit some violation, but that player is morally bound to abide by the rules. The integrity of the sport depends on each player’s responsibility to uphold Spirit of the Game, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly.


As Ultimate is a self-refereed sport, maintaining Spirit of the Game is essential. Players must know the rules, be fair-minded and truthful, explain their viewpoint clearly and briefly, allow opponents a reasonable chance to speak and resolve disputes as quickly as possible, using respectful language.


Examples of Good Spirit

  • Informing a team-mate if you think they have made a wrong or unnecessary call or caused a foul or violation
  • Retracting a call when you no longer believe the call was necessary
  • Complimenting an opponent for good play or spirit
  • Introducing yourself to your opponent
  • Reacting calmly towards disagreement or provocation


Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer accommodation for this event.  There are, however, are a number of hotels close to the venue, or get in touch with your Newcastle friends for a free or cheaper alternative! If you get really stuck we may be able to help out but this is not at all guaranteed so please consider your accommodation before entering the event.

Saturday evening

We are recommending starting your evening at The Hancock. From there, it is entirely up to you.


"You’ll always find a warm welcome at The Hancock in Newcastle upon Tyne. It’s a place where you can enjoy the day whether you fancy a few rounds with mates, a spot of lunch with colleagues or a cosy meal for two. Where great food and live sport lift your spirits. And where the banter flows as freely as the drinks."


If you want to head out properly, then check in with some of the local players during the day on Saturday and we're sure you'll have a good time!


There are various fireworks displays you can try and get to if you are so inclined. See for details. Members of Newcastle Brown are heading to this one, if you want to join them.