Mix & Mingle was a themed party tournament packed with competitive Ultimate and 80s fun!  In most years 24 teams competed (32 teams in 2015) over both days of a weekend, with a welcome party on Friday night and a massive retro themed fancy dress party on Saturday. 


Each year seemed to be more competitive with the likes of Don't Let Go, Bigger Than You, DiscMenDazed & Confused and Relentless all taking part over the years.  However, though the on-pitch action was taken very seriously, don't think we didn't party seriously too!


The Mix & Mingle party was legendary and the costumes always immense!  Check out some photos from over the years below.


2017 Relentless
2016  Relentless 
2015 Relentless
2014 Athletic Club Deportivo Pentago
2013 Dazed & Confused
2012 Dazed & Confused 
2011 Skills or Bills
2010 DiscMen
2009 Bigger Than You
2008 VIMUT

Spirit Winners

2017 Curve
2016  Omega 3
2015 Team Rehab
2014 Smart Casuals
2013 Om Nom Nom / Skills or Bills
2012 Don't Let Go
2011 Lincoln Disc-Guise                   
2010 Meat Pie
2009 Phoenix Knights 1
2008 Channel Island Discs

Costume Winners

2017 Birthday party (Skills or Bills)
2016  James Bond puns (Glue Factory)
2015 Mario Kart (Glue Factory)
2014 Boba Fett (Kat Swindells)
2013 Little Mermaid (Some Team)
2012    (Don't Let Go)
2011 R2-D2 (Kat Dawson)
2010 Hungry hippos (V, Lou, Kat, Kate)
2009 Button Moon (V, Lou, Kat)
2008 Thundercats (Bigger Than You)

Originally held in Hull, Mix & Mingle moved to Sheffield in 2008 and was held at Concord Sports Centre for two years.


In 2010, the tournament found a new organiser and became the flagship event in the ninety2 family, until the final event in 2017.


All the information on past events can be found by using the links above.

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