Welcome to the inaugural Newcastle Ultimate Draft League! The draft league format has become increasingly popular and there have been a number of successful leagues held in Brighton, Liverpool and Reading.


The format of the draft league is simple:

- individuals sign up via the registration page

- at Draft Night, the team captains will pick teams

- over 5 or 6 weeks matches are played out between the teams

- at Finals night we have a winner!


Players of all experience and ability are welcome and we will try to make the teams fairer by pooling players for the draft, meaning that players of similar experience or ability will be selected in each round.


The plan is to record stats for each player throughout the league so we are able to award individual as well as team prizes. There will also be a fantasy league running alongside so you can earn points each week with further prizes available there.


For more information, please continue reading below.

The finals will be:

1 Quimples v 2 No Brakes

3 Throw & Catch v 4 Traction Engine

Competition Dates

The proposed dates for the league are shown below (all matches are planned to be on a Tuesday). These have been chosen to tie in with when the University terms are open so we hope more students will be able to play. We appreciate that some players will have exams during this period but matches only take place on one evening per week, and players are not required to attend every week (your availability will be an option on the registration form).

14th April     Draft Night The Chillingham
21st April Game night 1 Benfield Sports Centre
28th April Game night 2 Benfield Sports Centre
5th May Game night 3 Benfield Sports Centre
12th May Game night 4 Benfield Sports Centre
19th May Game night 5 Benfield Sports Centre
26th May Finals Night and presentation evening

Benfield Sports Centre & 

The Chillingham


All matches will take place on the grass pitches at Benfield Sports Centre in Walker (Benfield Road, NE6 4NU). This is just a 20 minute walk from Chillingham Road, or 9 minutes from the Walkergate Metro Station. If you're coming by car there is plenty of parking. You can click on the images below to enlarge the maps.


There WILL be a charge to take part in the Draft League. This will be £3 per week, though if you want to pay it all upfront that is just fine (£18). Payment details can be provided if you wish to pay via bank transfer. Payments on the night must be paid IN ADVANCE of playing.

Draft Night

The draft league starts at Draft Night. We have a function room at The Chillingham pub (Chillingham Road - 'B' on the map above) from 8pm. All the players will get together for some drinks and there will be a series of rounds in which the team captains will choose players. Everyone will get picked, and by the end of the evening we'll know the make up of each of our league teams!


This is the proposed schedule but is subject to change. Please note that we must start on time, particularly in the first couple of weeks due to the early sunsets.

Fantasy League

The premise behind the fantasy league is simple. Teams are selected by choosing one player from each round of the draft. That is then your team for the league season. There are no changes after you submit your team and no transfers so choose wisely!


Each week, every player can earn points by scoring goals, throwing assists or getting Ds. Your team score will be the total scores of all of your players added together.


You will be asked to pay £2 to enter the Fantasy League, but if you are the winning team you can win the whole pot of money!

Current team standings (after week 5):


What is a draft league?

The league is made up of four teams, the makeup of which will be generated at Draft

Night. Players register through this website for a profile to be made and put online.

The captains will then choose players at Draft Night and matches will be played

over six weeks according to the schedule. It is a great way for new players to

gain some competitive experience and for all players to meet up, get to know

new people, and have a good time!


How does the draft work? / What happens at Draft Night?

The four designated captains will draw lots to see what order the first round picks

will be made. The following rounds will then follow a predetermined order to

ensure as much fairness as possible (ie one captain doesn’t always choose last).

There will be a number of rounds to the draft and these will be split into male

and female specific rounds. You should be able to follow what is happening on

the big screen. See the ‘DRAFT NIGHT’ section of this page for more details.


I’ve never played Ultimate before. Can I still sign up?

Definitely. We are a very inclusive bunch and we would love to see some new players join

the Newcastle Ultimate scene. There will be plenty of experienced players on

hand to help you out.


I want to play but can only make a couple of the dates. Can I still sign up?

For sure. We understand that not everyone can make every week and that is fine. You

can mark your availability on the entry form.


I can’t make Draft Night. Can I still sign up?

Absolutely. Everyone registered pre-Draft Night will be selected by one of the captains,

whether you can be there in person or not.


Can I join after the Draft?

Whilst we would prefer players to register before the draft, you can sign up once the

league is in progress by emailing nudl@ninety2ultimate.com. You will likely then be placed into whichever team requires a player on whatever dates you are available.


Is there a means to communicate with my captain and other players?

There is a Facebook group you can join here. Information will be posted there as well as it being a easy way for captains and players to get in touch with each



Will there be ‘good bants’?

When you can pick on Katie and Maz, there is always bants.


Will I be picked last?

Possibly. Unfortunately someone has to be picked last.