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Welcome to the Newcastle Ultimate Draft League! We are now in our fourth year of running the draft league in the North East.


The format of the draft league is simple:

- individuals sign up via the registration page

- at Draft Night, the team captains will pick teams

- over 5 or 6 weeks matches are played out between the teams

- at Finals night we have a winner!


Players of all experience and ability are welcome.


All the stats for each player will be recorded throughout the league so we are able to award individual as well as team prizes. There will also be a fantasy league running alongside so you can earn points each week with further prizes available there.


For more information, please continue reading below, or see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Hall of fame


2022 - Good Spirit Big Friendly

2019 - Dump

2018 - Tom4merch

2017 - Scoober Divers

2016 - Hochwerfen

2015 - Quimples

Spirit Winners

2022 - Defective Selection Algorithm

2019 - Space Jam

2018 - Cut Cut Goose

2017 - Jack Hammers

2016 - Hochwerfen

2015 - n/a

Male Top Scorer

2022 - James Blount

2019 - Harry Glasspool

2018 - James Tuczech

2017 - Will Collier

2016 - Harry Glasspool

2015 - Harry Glasspool

Female Top Scorer

2022 - Lizzie Plasom-Scott

2019 - Amy Niven

2018 - Ellie Stone

2017 - Jo Murnane

2016 - Lucy Hyde

2015 - Lucy Hyde

Male MVP

2022 - Tony Veale

Female MVP

2022 - Lizzie Plasom-Scott

The 2022 edition of the draft league will be held at Marden Bridge Sports Centre in Whitley Bay, with matches taking place on six consecutive Tuesday evenings, starting on 3rd May. Draft Night will be Tuesday 26th April.


More details below.

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Note that the correct postcode is NE25 8RW and you need the entrance from the roundabout on Hillheads Road (opposite Morrisons entrance).

Draft Night

The 2022 Draft Night will be taking place on Tuesday 26th April. This will be a private event for the host and captains, with teams to be announced later that evening.


Game nights


Teams will be mixed gender and the games should be mixed as far as possible depending on numbers. Team captains should decide before the game starts whether to play a full mixed 3:4 ratio or loose mixed 2:5 ratio. 

The ‘home’ teams will always play in WHITE kit, with the ‘away’ teams in DARK COLOURS.

Full WFDF rules should be used unless otherwise stated (please support those players who are new to the rules!).


Games are played to either a points cap or a time cap:

Week 1 games should be played to 11 points with a half time at 6; the time cap is 45 minutes. When the whistle/hooter sounds, finish the point before stopping.

Week 2-5 games should be played to 15 points with a half time at 8; the time cap is 75 minutes. When the whistle sounds, finish the point before stopping.

Week 6 games, the finals, should be played to 15 points with a half time at 8; the time cap is 75 minutes. When the whistle sounds, finish the point and add 1 to the highest score, then play to this score.

Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per game.



It goes without saying that Spirit Of The Game should be adhered to.

Each team will be expected to record a SOTG score for their opponents on the score sheet, out of a maximum 10 points.

Teams start with 5 points and you then add or deduct points for good or bad Spirit, to a maximum 10 or minimum 0 points.

These scores will be public so you should be able to justify your addition or subtraction of points.

You will be expected to have completed the Spirit scoring before leaving the field each week.


You will also be required to nominate one player from the opposing team as their Most Spirited Player.



We will be taking stats for goals, assists and Ds. It is the teams’ responsibility to ensure stats are recorded correctly on the score sheets so please ensure your subs are taking charge! There will be prizes! 

Scorers on the sideline have to use their judgement to determine if a point for a D is awarded.

NB a callahan score would score one point for the D (interception) and one point for the goal (but there would be no assist).


In 2022, we will also be taking nominations for Most Valuable Player of each game. You will need to nominate players from your team and the opposition.