Draft League FAQs

What is a draft league?

The league is made up of four teams, the makeup of which will be generated at Draft Night. Players register through this website for a profile to be made and put online. The captains will then choose players at Draft Night and matches will be played over six weeks according to the schedule. It is a great way for new players to gain some competitive experience and for all players to meet up, get to know new people, and have a good time!


How does the draft work? / What happens at Draft Night?

The four (or five) designated captains will draw lots to see what order the first round picks will be made. The following rounds will then follow a predetermined order to ensure as much fairness as possible (ie one captain doesn’t always choose last). There will be a number of rounds to the draft and these will be split into male and female specific rounds. You should be able to follow what is happening on the big screen. 


I’ve never played Ultimate before. Can I still sign up?

Definitely. We are a very inclusive bunch and we would love to see some new players join the Newcastle Ultimate scene. There will be plenty of experienced players on hand to help you out.


I want to play but can only make a couple of the dates. Can I still sign up?

For sure. We understand that not everyone can make every week and that is fine. You can mark your availability on the entry form.


I can’t make Draft Night. Can I still sign up?

Absolutely. Everyone registered pre-Draft Night will be selected by one of the captains, whether you can be there in person or not.


Can I join after the Draft?

Whilst we would prefer players to register before the draft, you can sign up once the league is in progress by emailing nudl@ninety2ultimate.com. You will likely then be placed into whichever team requires a player on whatever dates you are available.


Is there a means to communicate with my captain and other players?

There is a Facebook group you can join here. Information will be posted there as well as it being a easy way for captains and players to get in touch with each other.


Will I be picked last?

Possibly. Unfortunately someone has to be picked last.