Friday Night

This year we are heading to one of Sheffield's fantastic little venues for the Friday night welcome party!  The Trippets, on Trippet Lane is conveniently placed right opposite the scout hall so it should be easy enough to find.  We will be there from around 7.30pm, watching the rugby.


We've got an area reserved right near the entrance, and I'm told a DJ will be kicking off at some point too so there is a chance for dancing!


All teams arriving on Friday are staying in the scout hall so you want to head there:


S1 4EL for your Sat Navs...


The hall is above the SGS scout shop, and there is a car park behind (entrance to the left of the shop).  Park up there and head to the bar across the road!

Saturday Night

The legendary Mix & Mingle Saturday night party is not to be missed.  Dress in your favourite 80s clothes, or as your top 80s character, and party the night away to a host of classic tunes!


Mix & Mingle is one of the few tournaments where people go all out on their fancy dress outfits.  Check the slide show here for the best of the last few years.

In 2010 we brought you one half of the BlockStack TV duo, Mr Tom Styles.  This year we have both Tom and Steve Giguere spinning the tunes a la Pat and Mick.  Fun times are guaranteed!

This year's Saturday night party is utilising one of Sheffield's finest function venues, the Skyline Suite at Ponds Forge.  It'll be easy for everyone to find as it's just upstairs from where you'll be playing Ultimate all weekend!


The all important details:


Venue opens: 8.00pm

Last orders: 12.45am

Bar closed: 1.00am


A selection of hot sandwiches will be served around 11.00-11.30pm (chip butties, bacon sarnies etc).


You will need to purchase a wristband in order to enter the party.  These will cost you £3 and are available throughout Saturday from tournament HQ.  You will not be able to pay on the door so make sure you buy your wristband early!


Under 18s are welcome at the party but you will be given a different coloured wristband and you will not be able to purchase alcohol.